Studio Policies

All students are expected to enroll for the full academic year and participate in the Spring Performance (excludes Tumbling and Creative Movement 6 week sessions).


You must notify the studio of your class withdrawal before the 5th of the month or you will be held liable for the entire month's tuition.


Every student is expected to behave throughout the facility in a disciplined, responsible and courteous manner.  


Please notify the studio of all absences due to other events/illnesses.  Make up classes can be arranged upon request.


Kingman Dance Center and Kingman Recreation Commission are not responsible for injuries, illnesses contracted, loss of personal property or damage to personal property occurring on the premises.


Please dress for class before arrival and make sure young dancers use the restroom before class.  Arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to assigned class time.  Each student will be asked to wash hands before and after leaving the classroom.  Please only bring necessary items to class, ex:  dance bag, dance shoes, water bottle.  Parents & Care Providers will be asked to wait in cars/outside while class is in session.  Masks during class will be up to the discretion of each family; if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please bring one from home.  We will be keeping our distance, maintaining 6 ft distancing at all times during class.

Our schedule of classes have been spaced out to allow for disinfecting before and after each class.  Instructors and Classroom Assistants will be wearing masks when assisting students and social distancing can not be achieved.

For the safety of others:  Do Not attend class if you are running a fever (100.4), experiencing  COVID-19 symptoms, have been exposed by someone or have traveled to a "hot spot'  within 14 days.  ***All KRC/KDC classes are subject to change due to COVID-19***